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Scrolling through endless browser pages and photography websites to find a Buckinghamshire Headshot Photographer near you?

Put an end to the information and sensory overload

All the portraits and headshots below were taken in a private portrait photography studio using professional studio strobes and equipment by me, Vanesa White, a professional business headshot photographer in Chesham, Buckinghamshire.

Booking is by appointment only with prices starting at £30 for a 10 minute headshot!

Image of a business portrait done in our Buckinghamshire studio by business headshot photographer in Chesham, Buckinghamshire.
business headshot for linkedin  by business headshot photographer
Image of a professional headshot for politican done in our Buckinghamshire studio by business headshot photographer.

Each business headshot session was a collaboration between me and the subject's desire of what they would like to achieve for themselves using my lighting, posing and headshot phtography expertise.

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I made an appointment for a headshot (3 images) needed for a corporate webinar and an appointment was fixed for a couple of days later. The photographer was Vanesa White and her service was excellent and great value. She showed enormous care in setting up the shoot to get the best look and later sat down with me to select the three best images from the numerous ones she took. The final images arrived following post production 48 hours later by email. I was very pleased with the final results (as was my family). To be thoroughly recommended!
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Collaborate with me your professional portrait and business headshot photographer in Chesham, Buckinghamshire for 24hrs turnaround service.

We will at some point need a headshot photographer when starting a new business, pursuing new career paths, or working remotely using technology like Google, Microsoft Teams and Zoom to communicate.

If you are starting from square one to build your online profile, your business headshot will be your voice to resonate with the people you come in contact with.

No filters here! I provide beautifully lit headshot for you or your small business thus eliminating the need.

Image of a business headshot done in our Buckinghamshire studio by business headshot photographer in Chesham, Buckinghamshire.
Image of a professional headshot for small business owner done in our Buckinghamshire studio by business headshot photographer.
business headshot for linkedin  by business headshot photographer
inside - headshot photography Buckinghamshire

Why is business headshot photography a big deal?

Business headshot photography is one of the fastest growing genres of photography today and for a good reason!

  • People have short attention spans so making a first impression is key
  • A photo of you brings to life the person behind the experience
  • A headshot builds trust and credibility
  • A good quality business headshot give a first glance into who we are as individuals: approacable, professional .....



I am Vanesa White and I am the Business Headshot Photographer at Chesham Portrait and Headshot Photography Studio.

I provide local business headshot photography in Chesham, Buckinghamshire and on location for male and female business executives, office staff, actors going for casting calls and small business owners seeking personal branding images for their website.

I do work hard to give my clients a fast turnaround time with expert know how.

I know most people do not enjoy getting their image taken by a complete stranger so my business success as a headshot photographer is giving directions, LOTS of it!

I help my clients be prepared and relaxed to get the look they are after so book an appointment or send me an email online today!

headshot photographer chesham photography studio
business headshot photographer and personal branding for individuals and small business owners

Actor / Business Headshot Service offerings

  • The most popular session offering is the standard headshot photography session with images suitable for use on Linkedin and for a image profile on Microsoft Teams
  • In studio, my job as the headshot photographer is to give lots of direction especially to the not so uber confident who needs guidance
  • Need a longer time to relax? different headshot session times are available
  • Various lighting options are available: light airy commercial feel to dramatic/informal style
  • For differentiation, choose your preferred background: white, grey or black for staff and headshot photography to colour

It is important to make sure that you look perfect in your photos especially when used on websites and social media. I will provide advice and guidance to help you prepare for your time with me.

WHat to expect

Select your choice of different backdrop and lighting. Industry standard digital retouching and compositing for your social media page, online business profile or personal portrait is applied to all your images. I provide posing guide and will direct you during the session so no need to be anxious about what to do on the day.

As a business headshot photographer, professionalism and offering quality service are the hallmarks of my service offering. Please let me know where your image will be showcased and how fast you need it.

Booking is by appointment only with prices starting at £30 for a headshot!

Do you know

Obtaining a beautifully crafted and technically well lit headshot is the first step in personal brand building since we know that

  • 70% of communication is nonverbal ✔
  • Expressions can convey a mood ✔
  • Posture and stance are forms of communication ✔
  • Send the right message to your audience ✔

I offer both traditional and modern business headshot photography: high key brightly lit commercial look or blur background for personal branding.

Neutral backgrounds for office portraits or a modern darker, contrasty professional headshot look.

Images taken at my Chesham Photography Studio will show you have made an effort, care about your viewer and is authentic. A headshot obtained using a phone or a candid from a wedding or a milestone event is less likely to achieve this goal unless you know good lighting and can use your device well.

Personal Branding Headshot taken with four lights in our Chesham Photography Studio

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The internet is one resource which you can use to search for service provider local to you specialising in business headshot photography in Buckinghamhire. Individuals, professionals and executives can make a search request for "headshot photographer near me" to conduct a search for headshot photographers in your areas.

Where you can find me your local buckinghamshire photographer

I live in Chartridge Village, Chesham so serve this town and surrounding areas providing a one on one personal service.

Having your business headshot done in my photography studio in Buckinghamshire is never easier!