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Full Stack Personal Brand and Website Designer in Chesham

personal branding website designer for individuals and small business owners in Chesham


Based on market research in the UK, there is an increase in those aged 42 - 55 years of age leaving their jobs to pursue their dreams of launching their own business, creating and doing the things they love. They may have been encouraged to do so by the pandemic which has also in some cases compromised earning potential and affected household incomes. Recent events may have caused this group to find a new perspective on life. Many may even have identified new customer needs appearing due to the downturn in conventional ‘brick and mortar’ business.

These self-starters and entrepreneurs know that reaching new customers will mean going online to build their personal brand and reputation. For some the thought of putting themselves out there or learning new technologies quickly dampens the initial enthusiasm. For others who are willing to push through the challenges, they can be met with so much information resulting in sensory overload. Without the technical know-how, where do they begin?

With my full stack services for individuals and small businesses I will provide to you

  • Expert advice and help on creating and building your website, choosing a reliable web host for your new website and obtaining a suitable domain name
  • Information on the tools of the trade necessary to build your own website
  • Guidance on how to launch an e-commerce website (to generate revenue and profit)
  • Valuable insights on finding useful resources to build your on-line presence
  • Guidance on the best social media platforms for your business
  • Private consultation to enhance any existing website you may have
  • Shooting personal branding images for your website and providing tips on how to create your own impactful and memorable identity

Most businesses are built on reputation and expertise. How you are perceived by your customers becomes your brand. One way to help define the unique selling point or points of your brand is by finding out what will make someone choose you over someone else or to buy your product or services in preference to someone else’s, or even hire you instead of someone else.

Personal Branding for Small Business Owners in Chesham.

With over 15 years in website designing and over 5 years in the photography industry, I have done it all from the ground up. Why this service at this time? Many of us are finding new ways to earn an income. We are at that stage in life where we want to do the things we love or to make a meaningful contribution to the world we live in. We have found over the past few years that information and reaching people has changed. Our shopping, banking, schooling and how we socialised have gone online. To create awareness we have to go where we can find our target customers to grab their attention and say "see what I have to offer". I love photography and enjoy meeting people. People are unique and have different stories to tell. Their life stimulates me and helps me be more creative and giving. I desire for you to enjoy your creativity and doing what you love best.

The online world can seem like a busy highway with you as the learner driver at the junction waiting to get on it. You need a driving instructor to navigate your way in and to gently guide you onto it with confidence. Let me be your driving instructor. Visit me in scenic Chartridge where you can receive:

  • Advice on the best business model for your online business
  • A free review of your current website
  • Assistance in making changes to your present website
  • Guidance on finding useful resources to start and launch your first ecommerce business
  • Personal Branding Stock Images
  • Coaching on how to use Social Media to promote your business
  • Direction during the session to bring out the best version of yourself
  • On location Photo Shoot available

Brand Photographer and Web Designer in Chesham

Whatever your view, you are already representing a brand, yourself. You are being judged on it. You, the brand, are being researched and reviewed by potential recruiters and clients. In their search, the headshot photo they see creates and leaves a strong and lasting impression. I provide both formal and casual business headshot photography for brand building on Linkedin, other social media platforms, personal websites and for print.

To go further with your business learn how to use SEO to improve your ranking and social media marketing tips and tricks to grow your online brand .

You are welcome to get in touch via my Contact Form or give me a call.