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Express Headshots

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This service is relevant to you if speed is most important. Much like a photo booth kiosk, come in, sit and have your headshot taken by me on your choice of black, white or grey background. Make your selection and it will be sent to you.

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Business Headshots

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It is important to note your headshot represents you the individual. For this reason, depending on how long you feel it takes for you to get comfortable in front of the camera, I offer different session times. I provide a variety of backdrops and lighting styles for websites, social media profile and print. Contact me for a consultation

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Personal Branding

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Your personal bank of images created for your business should reflect you the brand. It may be tempting to to buy licensed stock photos to save time but will they be consistent, realistically reflecting you and your brand. The personal branding photography I provide aims to create images that matches your business aesthetic and create a sense of continuity on your website.

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Staff Headshots

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Having a mobile photography studio with all the right gear, enables me to go to different offices and workplaces that contain a variety of settings. Having a bank of staff headshots and people at work will convey the atmosphere of your business and your brand. Images will be curated to realistically reflect the evolution of your business, its practises and processes. From these images audience connects both visually and in copy to your brand.

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Have a special portrait and headshot requirement?

Special request headshot session done in studio will be a collaboration between me and the subject's desire of what they would like to achieve for themselves using my lighting, posing and headshot phtography expertise. Missed your graduation photo session? Need a composite? Drop me an email to find out how I can help.

web development

Do you desire to get it right the first time round in getting help with website creation (templates or customised), navigating the world of Google Ads, Facebook Ads and whether to go for organic reach on social media when sorry but like it or not you do need to market. Feeling anxious and don't know how where to begin. I didn't have anyone to hold my hand so deep down I don't wish for anyone to feel the way I did! I am here to help.


  • Have litte money....should I look into Google Ads, Facebook Ads
  • Is organic reach good for the business?
  • I don't like selling myself, why do I need to market?
  • Will AI impact my business
  • Where can I find my customers?
  • I know little about
    -Computers and Coding
    - Adding images to your website
    - Branding, logos and colours
    - Buying stock images to use on my website......AAAAAAAAH
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