- Starts at £30.00

Its important to note that headshot represents you the individual. For this reason, depending on how long you feel it takes for you to get comfortable in front of the camera, I offer different session times. I provide a variety of backdrops and lighting styles for websites, social media profile and print. Contact me for a consultation

Business Portraits

- Starts at £150.00

Its important to note that a business portraits is more about the company and less about the individual. Capturing your desired image can be done in studio or on-location for better effect. So whether you have a small office space or non at all, I will provide advise on how to prepare for a business portrait session with me. Contact me for a consultation

Business Personal Branding

- Starts at £250.00

Your personal bank of images created for your business should reflect you the brand. It may be tempting to to buy licensed stock photos to save time but will they be consistent, realistically reflecting you and your brand. The personal branding photography I provide aims to create images that matches your business aesthetic and create a sense of continuity on your website.

Commercial Photography

- Starts at £500.00

Over time you will find that you will need images that realistically reflect you, your business and its processes. You need to make your audience connect with your brand. Stock images will only get you so far. I will visit your site and capture equipment, people at work and the atmosphere of your business and brand upon initial consultation.

Full inhouse Website Development and Personal Branding Service

Priced upon consultation

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