Professional Graduation Photographer

University Graduation Photo Shoot in Buckinghamshire and London
University Graduation Photo Shoot in Buckinghamshire and London
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Why bother with a graduation photo?

For many a graduation picture along with your degree marks the end of an academic achievement and the start of a new chapter.

Looking back at my graduation ceremony, a graduation photo taken after the certificates were handed out did not seem important at the time. it was such a bother! All that pressure, the dressing up in a gown and hat, posing for photos and holding a fake certificate to mark my years of hard work. I went along with it as we were all excited and my family desired to share in my achievement.

Individuals who come to my studio after a few weeks or months afer the ceremony, tell me they delayed having their graduation picture taken for the following reasons.

  • They felt it was an additional cost after paying for the gown.
  • It seem a luxury that they could not afford.

Unforseen circumstances - a family bereavement or illness - made it not possible o attend their graduation ceremony thus missing out on the opportunity to get their graduation photo taken.

Are graduation photos necessary?

A graduate may find that when they wish to have a graduation photo not only to celebrate this special milestone in their life but also to see the pleasure on their parents' or spouse's faces when they receive it. It is a wonderful reminder of a milestone in your life when family and friends came together to celebrate your achievement.

Personally, I remember changing my mind before the deadline and have come to appreciate the graduate photo of myself in my gown and hat holding my rolled up certificate.

How do you avoid paying a premium for graduation photos?

It is important that university graduates appreciate the work that goes into high volume shoots on graduation ceremony days. Professional photographers often work quickly and efficiently to ensure everyone gets the opportunity to have their portrait taken. This may take take 2 minutes per person. Gown rental companies will have their preferred photographer they work with. Both have to have good returns from the day. The margins pay for post processing and any wear or tear.

Is it too late to take graduation pictures?

If you missed your graduation photo session, you are able to have a photoshoot in my professionally equipped and lit studio. Bring along your gown and hat, book a session date and I will take care of the rest!