Both Classic Business Headshots and Modern Headshots are used to communicate professionalism, but is approached differently. To determine the approach will depend on will be dependent on the visual message you wish to convey about yourself or your business.


You may have had at one time have a staff photograph taken. You may have been given a time slot and a designated room to go to on a given day. You may have been asked to stand a certain way and look into the camera lens of the photographer for shot.

Much like a staff photography, a classic headshot taken in studio will be much the same except you will be a given more time and be posed in a certain way to showcase who you are.

In a Classic Business Headshot session you may wear formal business attire: suits, blazers or dresses. The industry that the client works in will be considered.

The choice of background for a Classic Business Headshotleans towards gray, black or white. These colours allows for the individual to be the main focus.

Poses are traditional for a classic business headshot as the emphasis is on portraying a professional image, someone who is serious and reliable. Clients are welcomed to sit or stand in a composed manner.

Minimal retouching is done with a classic headshot as the aim is to present a genuine and authentic representation of the client.

There a different lighting setup for taking a classic headshot with the most popular been flat soft lighting to show even illumination of the individual's face.

how does a modern headshot differ from a classic headshot?

A modern headshot will be casual or contemporary compared to the classic business headshot. The distinction lies in the style of clothing and how the individual presents themself by the way they pose.

  • Clothing will be less formal and more approachable professional image
  • A big difference is how the background is lit and the choice of colour backdrop used in studio. In a natural setting, the background maybe of the office environment, urban setting or blurred to bring the focus to the subject.
  • Unlike the classic headshot pose, poses for a modern headshot will be more creative and relaxed. Hand and feet placement is important to create a dynamic and creative pose. The intent is to capture the individual's personality through movement and expression.
  • A good quality business headshot give a first glance into who we are as individuals: approacable, professional. Lighting helps in this endeavor by creating visual interest. The lighting can be dramatic or unconventional to soft and welcoming.
  • With a modern headshot you are able to bring the environment into the picture to show connection to the subject's profession or industry.

Ultimately the decision to lies with the individual's preferences, industry norms and the image they wish to convery about themself. Both styles can effectivly communicate a professional you.